( Polymath Products) Mini Survival Tin

A lightweight survival kit in a compact hinged tin that is easy to carry, and will go everywhere with you. Ideal kit for anyone involved in camping, hiking, bushcraft and other outdoor activities.

The kit helps you to start a fire, collect and purify water, build shelter, signal to rescuers or find your way to safety, deal with minor wounds and even go fishing!

Perfect kept in a pocket or pouch, or securely attached with the included Ranger Band to your belt, rucksack strap, climbing gear or mountain bike.

Despite its compact size, the Mini Survival Tin is practical, versatile and effective. For its size, it packs in a surprisingly large selection of survival kit components, giving the user plenty of options for addressing the main survival priorities.

Unlike other survival kits of its size, the Mini Survival Tin includes a length of the ever-useful 550lb paracord, an essential multi-function item that no survival kit should be without.

This survival kit would be an ideal gift for anyone interested in bushcraft, survival, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and many other outdoor activities.

The kit comes with an instruction sheet detailing the survival uses of the kit:
Fire Lighting, Water Purification, Shelter Building, Navigation and Signalling, Emergency First Aid and Food Capture.

1m Paracord, 550lb
Emergency Light Source
Whistle / Ferrocerium Rod & Striker
Liquid-filled Compass
Mini Sewing Kit
Ranger Band
Water Carrier
4x Water Purification Tablet
Alcohol Swab
Compressed Towel
20cm Fabric Surgical Tape
Small Parts Tin containing:
2x Swivel, Size 10
8m Fishing Line, 6lb
3x Fishing Hook, Size 10
Split Shot Weights, 2x #4 2x BB
2x Safety Pin
Brass Eye
Worm and Maggot Lures
Glow Stick

Package contains: 1 Mini Survival Tin with instruction sheet. Some parts may vary in colour.

Kit dimensions: 79mm x 54mm x 25mm. Weight: 79g.

Made in the UK by Polymath Products.

Go to: https://www.polymathproducts.co.uk

Polymath Products EDC Fire Kit Video.

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