Polymath Products EDC Fire Kit

Polymath Products is a great company in the UK here some information about there EDC Fire Kit.

This EDC Fire Kit is a compact, lightweight and highly effective firelighting kit, designed to allow its user to quickly and reliably get a fire started regardless of weather conditions.
For fire ignition, the EDC Fire Kit combines a ferrocerium (fire steel) rod with a durable striker, making ignition a quick and hassle-free process.
The kit comes with its own supply of water-resistant tinder, in the form of waxed jute Tinder Sticks, which will readily catch a spark and ignite, and can be used as a lighting splint that will burn for three minutes. A magnesium rod is also included; using the striker this can be scraped into a powder and added to your tinder bundle to further boost its ignitability in adverse weather conditions.
The EDC Fire Kit also doubles as dry storage for matches and gathered tinder, and incorporates two match-striking surfaces for safety matches and strike-anywhere matches, offering an additional firelighting method.
The kit comes with a detailed instruction sheet, with explanations for starting and building fires, the survival uses of fire, and the additional functions of the kit.
Kit Contents:
Waterproof Capsule
Ferrocerium Rod mounted into Magnesium Rod
16x Waxed Jute Tinder Stick
Waxed Fibre Cup
2x Match-striking Surfaces

Here’s the Polymath Products website to. There a great company in the UK. https://www.polymathproducts.co.uk/

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EDC Fire Kit

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