H2R NOVA Overview & Unboxing

Hello everyone the H2R NOVA is a great LED flashlight and headlamp to.
The LED is a (CREE XHP50)
IPX8 waterproof drop resistant to 4.9 feet or 1.5m
It has blue PVD stainless steel ring on the switch and bezel

length 4.33inches or 110mm
diameter 0.98inches or 25mm
3.53oz or 100g

18650 battery rated at 3000mAh
It has ultra high drain and has a protected circuit built inside the battery.

Turbo 2300-750/ High 600/ Medium 150/ Low 30/ Moonlight 1 Lumen/ SOS 2300

the turbo mode is limited to 1 minute and then the brightness gradually steps down to 50% of the initial brightness.

Here’s the Olight Web:www.olightworld.com

I found a Amazon Link:

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